Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Finally, I’d say that while many stone features have been destroyed, there are still thousands left. They are hiding in our back yards, in our state forests, along our waterways—everywhere in plain sight. Help others realize why they should be respectful of these when they find them, help them imagine what it might mean to have a religiously-important structure (e.g. something built to honor someone in your family) technically belong to someone else, or be at risk from vandals, pot-hunters, and developers. These stone structures are examples of how humans found a way to interact respectfully and in a mutually-beneficial way with nature. They are NaturalCultural nodes, blueprints for how we will need to think in the future if we are to survive and allow our natural world survive. They are important beyond the specific, and they should give us hope."

 Lisa McLoughlin: Nolumbeka. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Large Rock Pile with Quartz

Large rock pile with quartz on top, in center , located in a deeply wooded area. 
Side view of the quartz rock. The base of this pile is a large boulder, which has been covered by at least 20 rocks. Leaves and forest debris have filled in between so it is difficult to recognize.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Group of Three

The Logger has ended his work for the season.  Today I walked further in to a new area of The Woods, where I found a dried up spring. On the knoll overlooking the spring there were signs of purposely placed rocks: 

Two large boulders, the space between  spanned by two large rocks. 

A row of rocks There are smaller rocks placed in-between, in a row, and one perched at the far end. 
 A single rock placed on a larger boulder, "pointing" in the direction of a trail that leads down to a  spring. The spring is curious. Although it is dry this September, when flush  the water wells up and flows off in two directions, north and south. The small  brooks thus created  end up flowing down  into the lake: one on the north end, the other on the south end. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stone Sculpture

A rounded  boulder with a deep split near one end. The split had long ago been filled with a series of smaller rocks, carefully placed and resembling the plates on the back  of a turtle.   Three of the rocks on the right have been recently disturbed and I couldn't be sure where the "head" was originally facing. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

1/2 Circle

A stone wall,  3 feet high and  6 feet long, when first viewed from the far side,  turned out to be a curved wall in the shape of the letter J.   A strange way to clear a field!

Was the space in the middle a  deeper at one point?
Evidence of Post Contact Settlement: Update July 19, 2016: Just returned from a trip to the UK: In the highlands of Scotland I spotted  similar structures and learned that they are evidence of habitation of men who raised sheep, and were used to catch one or two particular sheep from a flock.The small flock would be driven along the wall by a Sheep Dog, and held there in a tight little group. The man would be able to grab one at a time, for sheering. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cummington, MA

Out for a drive today: Spotted an interesting ledge:

Stone wall on top of a Cummington MA Ledge. A  historic Hunting Blind?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rock Pile

I decided to stay out of the woods today, and  walk instead  along a 3/4  mile  private drive which
had been cut through a heavily wooded area from the "main" gravel road,  about 50 years ago .
 It provides access to a single lake-side cottage.
Half way along, off to my right,  200 feet into the woods I spotted
this interesting pile of rocks.  It is located on a knoll between two  rocky, spring fed brooks.
In the immediate area there were two other cairns made up of a single flat boulder with several smaller rocks
placed on top.