Thursday, April 14, 2016

Another Unusual Arrangement

My feet sunk deeply into an area that looked flat; a hollow of sorts, filled with woodland debris.
Stopping, I noticed an interesting collection of rocks tucked up against, and under two long flat stones. This is located about 30 feet from several  "turtle" piles of stones, and the face of this arrangement faces west-south-west.   Last  August, 2015,  I discovered  that the small white quartz rocks tucked into the stone piles glow bright like lanterns  as the setting sun strikes them. I pulled the leaves away. There  is about 6 inches of  soft leaf debris filling the hollow.

Boundary Marker

The spring snow has gone and the Equinox winds have ceased. It is safe for this grandmother to walk in the woods...with loads of repellant because the ticks are out early.
I walked along the old Indian Trail, visiting some of the more interesting  stone features, before the Logger starts up for the season. At each one, I looked around,  wondering why each might be placed where it was; what it's relationship to the others might be. And it struck me that the "standing stone" on a knoll between two brooks, with no other "features" nearby,  might  be a BOUNDRY MARKER. Duh. But what boundary? No current (1770-today) property lines passed through this area that I have been able to find.

Working on the assumption that all of the features in this  40 or so acres  represents the site of a Native American Village, and keeping a map and nature of the features in my mind, it is easy to conclude that standing stone marks the boundaries between various family groups. Clans of the Village.  The Clans can be identified by the "effigies" or stone etchings that appear in one area but not another.  To the  south and west of this spot one could imagine the location of the Clan of the Bear.    Bear Effigy Near Old Spring

To the NORTH would be the  fascinating and unusual features of the Clan of the Wolf:

To the WEST is an area sloping down to the south and west, to a beaver pond and glacial lake:
The location of  the Clan of the Turtle.TURT