Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stepping Stones

A Stone which may have been used for grinding nuts (Chestnut, Hickory) which is located on the top of a knoll suggests there must have been a water source nearby.  A hollow, or swale to the east  is moist, and does have  clumps of ferns, suggesting  a source existed at one point.  However, the stream bed appears to have been totally dry for many years.  Perhaps the construction of a nearby, parallel gravel road for horse and wagon caused a diversion of this source. The road is known to follow roughly the "old Indian path" heading north.

Old stream bed  in the Central Section, with row of stepping stones,  crossing from the down-hill on one side to  the up-hill," east to west.  This area of Massachusetts was settled  about 1767. At some point an early farmer constructed a raised causeway just behind where I am standing to take the photo. 

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