Friday, September 25, 2015

The Enigma

Today I followed deer tracks along a stream bed, and came back upon this  Group of Rocks which I'd "flagged" last month. (To alert the Forrester that this is a special  construction and please don't relocate it, as he has done with some boulders he didn't want to maneuver around. )

An unusual grouping  of stones in the southern section, beside a brook at the South end of Historic Landscape,  with effigy stone on right. 
The effigy overlooks rocks placed in the crevices. The stones tucked into the  rear space are very dense and weight a great deal more than one might expect for their size.It appears that they came from a single larger stone, shaped like a Gouda cheese round, then sliced into several pie shaped pieces, and of A pudding stone composition.  
In the Central Area,  a Standing Stone on a knoll between two dry stream beds, on the east side of  what I've termed the  "ceremonial" area.  One of the  stream beds still carries the spring run-off, but is not spring-fed. (Yours Truly, Alma LaFrance, beside a standing stone." 

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