Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cache in a Large Split Boulder

A unusual arrangement of small rocks on top of a large split boulder

While on a  walk in the  Woods, following the remnants of an
old deer track, I came upon a large split boulder. An unusual collection of various size rocks on the top of the boulder caught my eye; not stacked to create a wall, but placed, sort of a "door" in front of a space or shelf.

 Reaching  into  an open space  at the left side, created by some of the  placed rocks tumbling down,  I felt a pile of smaller, irregular shaped rocks. I pulled out some. They were colored by the soil in which they were nested.

It was a collection, not unlike the small pile building outside my own door; pretty shaped things brought home from my walks.

I placed them  back as close as possible to how I found them.
Reaching around into the crevice  behind the arrangement of rocks:
I retrieved an assortment of  perhaps a dozen smaller rocks gathered together into a pile.
They were colored by the soil in which they were placed. 

With my back to the boulder,  I looked north.
I have to remind myself that there may be snakes hiding in crevices. 

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