Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rock-arrangement petroglyph.

I try to imagine myself placing this  arrangement; the heart shaped rock on the left, then four
smaller rocks of equal size and shape to the right. The correct view would  be  from the  right  side.
This is located on a  wooded hill side,  hundreds of yards away from any path or trail. Nearby is a large erratic that has been "decorated" with round  basketball size stones, starting with  a single row  along it's top, and ending at the south end with a cluster.

Looking down upon a foot high, flat topped Boulder, about 4 feet across.

• Effigy: A large boulder with several smaller rocks arranged on it.  Often these rock arrangements seem to form a symbol or animal shape.  These are interpretative as to what they might be representing, but there is no doubt that they exist, and by the hundreds.  They appear to be rock-arrangement petroglyphs. For more information on Effigies (and rock piles in general) see Peter Waksman's Indian Rock Piles website.


  1. If you locate my article about "Twins" there is a discussion of rocks that are shaped like hearts, sometimes. They often appear in pairs.

    I speculate that they may indicate "promise" or "contract". But I do not have much to substantiate it.