Sunday, April 9, 2017

April After the Snow Melted

With the snow melted  I could see, weaving through the woods  the remnants of an old foot path heading towards a brook which flows into the south end of The Lake. I followed it a short way and it led to an old Bent Trail Tree, which was pointing  in a 90 degree angle to the path itself. Following the direction of the tree, I came a large Rock Pile.
Bent Trail Tree
Pointing to the South West
Nose of the tree has a smooth round stone embedded inside. 
Rock  Pile: Notice at the 2 o'clock position, the two  upright stones. Flat stones are layered in a mounded pattern  through the center towards 5 o'clock. The entire area is over 10 feet in length by 15 feet in width.
The stones closest to the two standing stones are lain flat; at the near side many are placed on edge, leaning into one another.  At about 6 o'clock, there are gaps to be seen, where some of the rocks have slipped away. 
Thong Marks

View of the Brook from the Top of the Stone Pile

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