Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pisgah Rock Piles

Forty years ago we bought a 10 acre wood lot about 1 mile from our house. Turns out, we never  used it, and the last time I walked there was 25 years ago. The old Hemlocks need harvesting, sadly due to Wooly Algae infestation. Today, camera in hand, we took a walk.  There are two old stone walls bordering about  2 acres  closest to the road, used as pasture over 100 years ago. Further back in the woods, however, were some interesting Rock Piles. Given that this property is located close to other sites with Native American features,   the rock piles deserve closer examination.  

A walk in the woods. 

The neighbor's Hemlock grove being managed.

Quartz in the middle of a rock pile at the base of a huge oak tree.

Large shaped stone on top of a larger flat rock striped with quartz. On the far side a triangular shaped quartz rock is tucked underneath. 

Smooth bolder with a carefully placed necklace of smaller stones along  the west side.  These stones are too small to bother with in terms of field clearing. 

Large flat stone with a circle of mid sized stone; one is quartz and faces the south west sun. 

Large stone with mid sized rocks placed around. 

Turtle Rock with rocks; one triangular shaped quartz rock facing south west.  
A very large boulder with two mid sized rocks tucked close together. 


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  2. The woodlot is on Pisgah Road.