Saturday, August 15, 2015

Massachusetts Cairns 1

The first photo is a wide view: on the far left there are three cairns.  There is also one in center foreground. Following the ridge from left to right, there are three more  along  a semi circular line.     In the early 19th century there was a farm further east along a road, and the cairns may be simply evidence of "field clearing." However, the distance from the old cellar hole; the location in the terrain and the arrangement of each pile, with the inclusion of a quartz  rock to many of the piles are more suggestive of NATIVE CONSTRUCTIONS, similar to those found in other areas around New England and suggest an earlier origin.
A pretty stunning bird head effigy stone on top of the cairn, with the beak to the left and a large, distinct eye.
Effigy and cairn; the base boulder extends another 4 feet or so and is covered with woodland debris. 

Cairn: Looks like two turtle effigies, on on top of the other.
"The turtle carries the prayers of the people on it's back." 

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