Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Very Special Rock Piles

Effigy: Split representing the mouth, with sliver of stone for it's tongue. Note the ridged stone serving as his backbone. 
  Unfortunately, some,  buried under centuries of  woodland debris,  are mostly below ground and  unrecognizable.

Turtle shaped head, and a flat rock  (almost) upright in the center. 

Small circle of stones with quartz rock in center the size of a basketball.  

Rock Pile about 4 feet long, 2 feet high, almost covered with moss and woodland debris; flat rock on east side; the tree had grown up behind it;
There are bits of quartz rock layered on the side; I scraped away some leaves.

SERPENT WALL: At first I thought this was a stone wall to no-where, but the larger foreground rock suggests  an effigy for sorts.
In addition to the features in this area, there are stone piles, some with quartz, spaced at regular intervals,  perhaps 300 feet apart, on a north-south axis. 

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