Thursday, August 20, 2015

Finding Rock Features in the Woods near my home

This appears to be a ceremonial site. All the components are there. South facing slope near a Great Pond, bordered by brooks formed by spring run-offs.  The large Split Boulder. Curved rows of stones, facing the split boulder. Nearby  another Split Rock", "plugged."   A Stone Wall with no logic to it's beginning or ending,  bordering the run-off of a spring.   At least three complete circles of stones of different sizes, with a corresponding sized  quartz rock in the center.    There are at least  5 turtle effigies, a couple of frog effigies, a snake, and the  single large Bird effigy. In an almost direct line, approximately 300 feet apart and heading north, are piles of stones. There is no known property line in the oldest deeds to correspond with the placement of these piles.  

Split Rock filled with stones. 

Frog Effigy on Cairn

Large split boulder.. face on;  Looks like a whale. it's middle is covered with woodland debris but it extends about 15 feet,. 
Ring of Stones surrounding the large Split Boulder, above. 

Row of stones on ground facing the large split boulder, above. 

Turtle Effigy on Cairn

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