Friday, November 20, 2015

Bent Tree Trail

Going where it leads....

 On an old path,  on a hill,  overlooking The Lake,
An Old Bent Tree,  points west. To the west, The "Balanced" Rock.

Was the  "Balanced" Rock a Sunset Watching Spot? The Rock faces  the setting sun.   About 40 feet back from the  Rock, a large circular Rock Pile.  Near the center of the pile, a short standing stone. 

" Winter solstice was of particular interest to many pre-technological cultures. Because the Sun rose and set at a very southern/low point, people were concerned that it might continue its southward journey, hence leaving the Earth in darkness. Ceremonies were held to encourage the Sun to resume its journey northward, or to celebrate the change to longer days."

The earliest Sunset at our Latitude occurs about 10 days prior to the time it sets on the Winter Solstice. On our modern calendar, at our latitude of 42• that date is December 8 & 9, 2015.

An early "sun watcher" wouldn't have a time piece, smart phone or calendar.  This shift wouldn't be obvious, so simpler methods were devised."  Therefore, we might expect that every evening following the Full Beaver Moon, Sun Watcher will  be found sitting in the same well-marked spot. (Full Beaver Moon this year is Nov 25, 2015.

Now, if this "Balanced" Rock and adjacent Rock Pile (A Prayer Rock Pile?) are a Sunset Watching Spot, the setting sun should be directly in line with the Rock and one of the viewing spots at the Pile of Stones. There are several stones arranged in the larger pile; one is a square standing stone.

If the sun is going to change it's direction,  as far as The Sunset Watcher at this particular site is concerned, it will  stop traveling further south when everything is in alignment , about 15 days after the Full Beaver Moon.   "Let the Winter Solstice Ceremonies Begin!"

   Read here for an explanation.

So that's my theory.  I've made a plan. Beginning twelve  days after  the Full Beaver Moon, I will sit   on The Stone, and point my camera  at the "Balanced"  Rock, (33• south of due west on a compass), and photograph the moment the sun "sets" on the line of hills far to the west. (Lots of trees in the way, but if there are no clouds, it will work. )

 Just saying. (Or, maybe, just trying to listen. )
Bent Trail Tree.

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