Monday, November 30, 2015

Placed and curious stone features

A most unusual rock located near a Rock Pile. 
Side of Split Rock: Outer layer of rock chipped away in a manner that reminds one of a wolf or Wild Boar. 

Grooves worked in between two large slabs of rocks, one on top of the other. 
A rock, split, with two thin "points" from the same rock, set in a curious position. 
A Cairn in the woods. 
A curious hole drilled in a boulder, which is located in an array of larger glacial boulders. There didn't appear to be a reason for this one boulder to be drilled. 
A Sign Post in the Woods. The ribbon marks a property line surveyed out by the owner of the land, for development purposes. 
One of several curious rock placements  in the woods near my house.

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