Monday, November 30, 2015

Placed and curious stone features

A most unusual rock located near a Rock Pile. 

Side of one of two large standing rocks. Outer layer of rock chipped away in a manner that reminds one of a wolf or Wild Boar.  Inbetween the two standing rocks is a large round quartz rock. 

Updated Photo: October 2017;  Damaged by Logger.  He actually tried to run them down. 
After the Logger came through:  These two slabs stood upright, with a large round quartz placed between them.  I had marked this Standing Stone Group with tape,  but  he still slammed into them with his huge equipment, even when he had plenty of room to go around.  The near end of the right one was damaged, and they are tilted, but they did not yield.  The next photo shows my 3 1/2 foot walking stick in standing in front of the taller stone.  It was dislodged, and curiously there was a deep hole on the right side.  You can see the top 1 foot of my stick shown standing in the hole.  These Standing Stones are at least 4 1/2 feet tall, with half their height buried below ground.  

Grooves worked in between two large slabs of rocks, one on top of the other. 
A rock, split, with two thin "points" from the same rock, set in a curious position. 
A Cairn in the woods. 
A curious hole drilled in a boulder, which is located in an array of larger glacial boulders. There didn't appear to be a reason for this one boulder to be drilled. 
A Sign Post in the Woods. The ribbon marks a property line surveyed out by the owner of the land, for development purposes. 
One of several curious rock placements  in the woods near my house.

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